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Date Year Activity
1 1752 Betsy Ross is Born   article
2 1777 The Americans Win the Battle of Assunpink Creek   article
3 1777 American Victory at the Battle of Princeton   article

VIDEO:   The Battle of Princeton
The Revolutionary War in Four Minutes with Historian with Kristopher White.
4 1776 Samuel Nicholas Leads The First Us Marines Mission   article
5 1781 Benedict Arnold Captures and Destroys Richmond, Virginia   article
7 1789 The First Electoral College is Chosen   article
8 1776 General John Burgoyne's Play the Blockade of Boston is Interrupted   article
9 1776 Thomas Paine Publishes 'Common Sense'.   article
10 1779 John Paul Jones Takes Command of the Bonhomme Richard.   article

Artist: Richard Paton

11 1755 Alexander Hamilton is Born   article
14 1784 The Treaty of Paris Brings the American Revolution to a Close   article
17 1781 General Daniel Morgan Wins the Battle of Cowpens   article

VIDEO:   The Battle of Cowpens
Battle of Cowpens in Four Minutes by Historian Daniel Davis
19 1770 The Battle of Golden Hill - 1st Blood Shed in the American Revolution   article
20 1781 The Pompton Mutiny Begins   article
21 1738 Colonel Ethan Allen is Born   article
24 1781 Light-Horse Harry Lee and Francis Marion Attack Georgetown   article
25 1780 Presbyterian Church Burned at Elizabethtown, New Jersey   article
26 1779 Georgia Patriots Make A Stand At Burke County Jail   article


Date Year Activity
1 1781 North Carolina Militia Fight at the Battle of Cowan's Ford   article
2 1781 Elizabeth Maxwell Steele Gives Her Coins to General Nathanael Greene   article
3 1779 General William Moultrie Wins the Battle of Beaufort   article
4 1783 King George III Declares a Permanent Ceasefire to the American Revolution   article
5 1803 Brigadier General Moses Hazen Dies   article
6 1808 Anna Maria Lane Receives a Revolutionary War Veterans Pension   article
8 1778 Daniel Boone is Captured by a British/Shawnee War Party   article
9 1782 General Lachlan McIntosh is Exchanged for General Charles O'Hara   article
11 1781 Colonel John Laurens Sets Sail For France on the USS Alliance   article
12 1746 Revolutionary War Hero Thaddeus Kosciuszko is Born   article
13 1818 General George Rogers Clark Dies   article
14 1779 The Battle of Kettle Creek is Won by the Patriots   article
15 1726 Abraham Clark is Born   article
16 1724 South Carolina Patriot Christopher Gadsden is Born   article
17 1765 The House of Commons Passes the Stamp Act   article
19 1807 Aaron Burr Is Arrested For Treason   article
20 1726 Colonel William Prescott is Born   article
21 1787 Confederation Congress Approves a New Constitutional Convention   article
22 1770 Christopher Seider, First Casualty of the American Revolution   article
23 1778 Baron von Steuben Arrives at Valley Forge   article
24 1781 Pyle's Massacre Takes Place in North Carolina   article
25 1779 The British Surrender Fort Sackville   article
25 1746 Charles Cotesworth Pinckney is Born   article
26 1839 Sybil Ludington, the Female Paul Revere, Dies   article
27 1776 The Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge   article
28 1775 Colonel William Washington is Born   article


Date Year Activity
3 1779 Patriots Lose the Battle of Brier Creek   article
4 1776 George Washington Takes Dorchester Heights   article
5 1770 The Boston Massacre Leaves Five Dead Civilians   article 1
Five Die in Boston Massacre (including Crispus Attucks)   article 2
6 1745 Casimir Pulaski Is Born   article
10 1783 Last Naval Battle of the American Revolution   article
11 1776 The Commander-in-Chief's Guard is Formed   article
12 1776 British Invasion Fleet Arrives Off Cape Fear, North Carolina   article
15 1781 The Battle of Guilford Courthouse is the Beginning of the End of British Rule   article
17 1776 The British Army Abandons Boston   article
22 1782 Captain James Estill Killed at the Battle of Little Mountain   article
23 1775 Patrick Henry Gives His "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" Speech   article
24 1782 The Toms River Blockhouse Fight   article
25 1776 The Americans Win the Battle of Saint-Pierre   article
26 1776 South Carolina Becomes an Independent State   article
27 1778 Captain Abraham Whipple Runs the USS Columbus Aground   article
28 1747 Benjamin Franklin Writes About His Studies In Electricity   article
28 1774 British Parliament Adopts the Coercive Acts   article
29 1780 The Siege of Charleston Begins   article
30 1775 The New England Restraining Act is Made Law   article


Date Year Activity
1 1789 Frederick Muhlenberg Elected First Speaker of the House   article
2 1792 Congress Creates the First United States Mint   article
3 1776 Congress Authorizes Privateers to Capture British Ships   article
6 1776 Continental Navy Loses the Battle of Block Island.   article
7 1740 Financier Haym Salomon is Born.   article
12 1776 North Carolina Is The First State To Call For Independence   article
13 1743 Thomas Jefferson is Born.   article
14 1789 George Washington Learns He is the First President   article
15 1741 Artist Charles Willson Peale is Born   article
16 1730 General, Sir Henry Clinton is Born   article
17 1790 Benjamin Franklin Dies   article
18 1775 Paul Revere Makes His Famous Midnight Ride   article

VIDEO:   Paul Revere's Ride
Paul Revere's Ride in Four Minutes by Historian Elissa Forsythe
19 1775 Lexington & Concord - The American Revolution Begins   article

VIDEO:   Lexington & Concord
Lexington & Concord in Four Minutes by Historian James Percoco
22 1775 Nathan Hale Decides to Join the American Revolution   article
25 1781 General Greene Loses the Battle of Hobkirk's Hill (near Camden, South Carolina)   article
26 1777 British Forces Raid Danbury, Connecticut   article
30 1789 George Washington Inaugurated First President of the United States.  article


Date Year Activity
1 1778 Brigadier General John Lacey Loses the Battle of Crooked Billet   article
4 1776 Rhode Island Is The First State To Declare Independence   article
5 1775 Ben Franklin Returns from Great Britain   article
10 1775 The Siege of Fort_Ticonderoga -  
VIDEO:   Fort Ticonderoga
Fort Ticonderoga in Four Minutes with Historian Matt Keagle
10 1818 Paul Revere Dies - 1818   article
11 1781 General Thomas Sumter Captures Orangeburg   article
12 1775 Seth Warner Captures Fort Crown Point   article
12 1780 The Siege of Charleston Ends - - fought between March 29 to May 12, 1780.   article
13 1744 Captain Abraham Lincoln is Born   article
14 1607 Jamestown Settlement Is Founded   article
14 1787 Constitutional Convention Delegates Begin to Assemble   article
15 1776 Virginia Votes To Declare Independence   article
18 1778 The Mischianza is Thrown for British General Sir William Howe   article
19 1777 Georgia Declaration of Independence Signer Button Gwinnett Dies   article
20 1774 Parliament Shuts Down Self-Rule in Massachusetts   article
22 1781 The Siege of Ninety-Six Begins   article
24 1775 John Hancock Elected President of the Continental Congress   article
25 1782 The Crawford Expedition Begins   article
28 1754 George Washington Starts the French and Indian War   article
29 1780 Banastre Tarleton Wins the Battle of the Waxhaws   article


Date Year Activity
1 1774 The Boston Port Act Takes Effect   article
2 1731 Martha Washington is Born   article
3 1781 Jack Jouett Becomes the Paul Revere of the South   article
4 1738 King George III is Born   article
5 1781 The Second Siege of Augusta Comes to an End   article
7 1780 British Turned Back at the Battle of Connecticut Farms   article
8 1789 James Madison Proposes the Bill of Rights   article
9 1772 The Gaspee Incident Occurs   article
10 1768 John Hancock's Ship Liberty is Confiscated   article
11 1741 Doctor Joseph Warren is Born   article
On June 16, Colonel William Prescott and 1200 men took Breed’s Hill and Bunker Hill on the Charlestown peninsula north of Boston to prevent the British from taking it. Now Major General Warren joined the men as a common soldier and helped prepare the defenses. On the 17th, the British began a major attack and on the third assault, General Warren was killed with a musket ball through the head. He was bayoneted numerous times, stripped bare and thrown in an unmarked grave.
12 1775 The Battle of Machias is the First Naval Battle of the Revolution   article
13 1783 The 1st Rhode Island Regiment is Disbanded   article
14 1777 First American Flag is Officially Adopted   article
15 1775 George Washington Appointed Head of the Continental Army   article
17 1775 Patriots Lose the Battle of Bunker Hill (and Breed’s Hill)   article

VIDEO:   Bunker Hill
Bunker Hill in Four Minutes by Historian James Percoco

The Death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunker’s Hill, June 17, 1775 by John Trumbull
Levin Audio: About Joseph Warren at Bunker Hill | Larger Image
19 1778 The Continental Army Leaves Valley Forge   article
20 1782 The Great Seal of the United States is Adopted   article
21 1788 New Hampshire Ratifies the US Constitution   article
22 1775 Nathanael Greene Becomes a General in the Continental Army   article
23 1780 Patriots Win the Battle of Springfield   article
27 1778 Congress Leave York, Pennsylvania for Philadelphia   article
28 1778 The Battle of Monmouth   article
29 1776 The Nancy Explodes At The Battle Of Turtle Gut Inlet   article
30 1783 Congress Reconvenes in Princeton, New Jersey   article


Date Year Activity
1 1776 A Cherokee War Campaign Against The Southern Colonies Begins   article
2 1776 The Real Declaration Of Independence Is Made   article
2 1776 Congress Votes for Independence   article
3 1778 The Wyoming Massacre Takes Place   article
Independence Day - 1776  VIDEO:   Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence in Four Minutes by Historian Jim Percoco

8 1779 George Washington Makes His Headquarters at West Point   article
9 1776 The Declaration of Independence is Read to Troops in New York City   article
10 1778 George Washington Picnics at Great Falls   article
11 1782 The British Evacuate Savannah, Georgia   article
12 1776 Admiral Howe's Fleet Arrives at Staten Island   article
15 1779 The Battle of Stony Point Begins   article
16 1776 Maryland Has Its Largest Battle of the Revolution   article
17 1781 The Battle of Quinby Bridge and Shubrick's Plantation   article
18 1792 Captain John Paul Jones Dies   article
23 1793 Roger Sherman Dies   article
26 1774 Ben Franklin Becomes the First Postmaster General   article
27 1778 The Battle of Ushant   article
28 1779 The Battle of Fort Freeland   article
29 1781 Loyalists Win the Battle of the House in the Horseshoe   article
30 1777 George Clinton Becomes 1st Governor of New York   article
31 1871 Rachel Fletcher Confirms the Betsy Ross Flag Story   article

"The Birth of Old Glory" depicts the supposed creation of the first American flag by Betsy Ross.

Artist: Percy Moran, 1862-1935
Year: 1917, Oil on canvas.
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"George Washington standing at center, and three other men standing on the right, possibly the Honerable George Ross and Robert Morris.


Date Year Activity
1 1794 Whiskey Rebels Gather to March on Pittsburgh   article
2 1754 Pierre Charles L'Enfant is Born - The Architect of Washington DC   article
3 1780 Benedict Arnold Given Command of West Point   article
4 1780 Bird's Expedition Against Kentucky Comes to an End   article
5 1781 The Battle of Dogger Bank   article
6 1777 New Yorkers Fight at the Battle of Oriskany   article
7 1782 Washington Creates the Purple Heart Award   article
8 1775 Patriots Win the Battle of Gloucester   article
9 1780 The Naval Action of August 9th 1780 Takes Place   article
10 1774 Georgia Patriots Meet at Tondee's Tavern   article
12 1776 Andrew Pickens Wins the Ring Fight   article
13 1777 The Second Battle of Machias   article
14 1775 The Bermuda Gunpowder Plot   article

VIDEO:   Gunpowder
Gunpowder in Four Minutes by Historian Jack Warren
15 1782 The Siege of Bryan's Station Begins   article
16 1780 The Battle of Camden   article

Historical Events from the American Revolution - The Battle of Camden   article
18 1780 Thomas Sumter Is Routed at the Battle of Fishing Creek   article
19 1779 Major Henry Lee Wins the Battle of Paulus Hook   article
20 1794 The Battle of Fallen Timbers   article
21 1754 Banastre Tarleton is Born   article
22 1777 The Battle of Staten Island   article
24 1781 Lochry's Defeat   article
25 1777 The Philadelphia Campaign Begins   article
27 1776 George Washington Loses the Battle of Long Island   article
27 1776 The Battle of Brooklyn   VIDEO:   The Battle of Brooklyn
The Revolutionary War in Four Minutes by Jeff Richman
29 1778 The Battle of Rhode Island is Lost   article
30 1781 French Fleet Arrives at the Chesapeake Bay   article


Date Year Activity
1 1777 Major McCulloch's Leap   article
3 1777 The Battle of Cooch's Bridge   article
4 1780 The 'Swamp Fox' Wins the Battle of Blue Savannah   article
5 1774 The Continental Congress Meets for the First Time   article
7 1776 The American Turtle (a submersible ship) Attacks the HMS Eagle   article
11 1777 American Loss at the Battle of Brandywine   article
11 1777 VIDEO:   The Battle of Branywine
The Battle of Branywine in Four Minutes by Historian Thomas McGuire

VIDEO:   The Battle of Brandywine
13 1739 Brigadier General Andrew Pickens is Born   article
15 1776 The British Landing at Kip's Bay   article
16 1722 Samuel Adams is Born   article
17 1787 US Constitution is Adopted   article
18 1819 Leader of the American Revolution from New Hampshire - John Langdon Dies   article
19 1777 The Battle of Freeman's Farm - (The First of the Battles of Saratoga)   article
20 1777 The Battle of Paoli   article
21 1776 The Great Fire of New York of 1776   article
22 1776 Nathan Hale is Hanged   article
23 1780 Benedict Arnold's Treason is Discovered   article

VIDEO:   Benedict Arnold
Benedict Arnold in Four Minutes by Historian James Percoco
24 1755 Chief Justice John Marshall Is Born   article
25 1775 Ethan Allen is Captured   article
26 1780 The Battle of Charlotte   article
27 1722 Historical Figures from the American Revolution   article
Adams Samuel is Born
27 1778 Baylor's Massacre Takes Place   article
28 1781 The Siege of Yorktown Begins   article
29 1780 British Spy, Major John Andre, is Sentenced to Death   article
30 1778 The Battle of Edgar's Lane   article


Date Year Activity
2 1775 Benedict Arnold Passes Norridgewock Falls   article
4 1777 The Battle of Germantown   article

VIDEO:   The Battle of Germantowm
7 1780 The Battle of Kings Mountain   article
This was a Patriot Victory. Following the death of British General Ferguson at Kings Mountain, the British were forced to split Southern forces in two, which ultimately led to the capture of Cornwallis and defeat of the British at Yorktown.

VIDEO:   Decisive Battles: Kings Mountain 1780 - Episode 1
                     Decisive Battles: Kings Mountain 1780 - Episode 2
7 1780 Historical Events from the American Revolution   article
The Battle of Kings Mountain
9 1781 The Bombardment of Yorktown Begins   article
10 1775 General William Howe Replaces Lt. General Thomas Gage   article
11 1776 The Battle of Valcour Island Begins   article
12 1776 British Troops Sail Up The East River   article
13 1792 George Washington Lays the Cornerstone of the White House   article
14 1780 The Battle of Shallow Ford   article
15 1778 The Affair at Little Egg Harbor   article
16 1780 The Royalton Raid   article
17 1777 The Americans Win the Battles of Saratoga   article
VIDEO:   The Battle of Saratoga

The Surrender of General Burgoyne at Saratoga (Second Battle of Saratoga)

Artist: John Trumbull
Year: The Surrender of General Burgoyne at Saratoga, Oct 16, 1777, Oil on canvas.
Location: The United States Capitol’s rotunda in Washington, D. C.

19 1774 The Peggy Stewart Burned   article
19 1781 Cornwallis Surrenders at Yorktown   article

VIDEO:   The Battle of Yorktown
20 1777 Robert Howe Promoted to Major General   article
21 1797 The USS Constitution is Launched   article
22 1777 The Battle of Red Bank   article
23 1777 British Fleet Defeated On The Delaware River   article
24 1821 New Jersey Patriot Elias Boudinot Dies   article
25 1764 John and Abigail Adams Are Married   article
26 1776 Benjamin Franklin Sets Sail For France   article
27 1787 First of the Federalist Papers Is Published   article


Date Year Activity
1 1765 Stamp Act Officially Takes Effect   article
2 1783 George Washington Issues Farewell Orders to the Continental Army   article
3 1791 Vermont Ratifies the Bill of Rights   article
4 1778 Admiral D'Estaing Leaves For The West Indies   article
5 1780 De La Balme's Defeat   article
8 1800 Fire Destroys Revolutionary War Records in War Department   article
9 1780 General Thomas Sumter Wins the Battle of Fishdam Ford   article
10 1782 Last Battle of the American Revolution is Fought   article
11 1744 Abigail Adams is Born - Wife of President John Adams   article
12 1775 Abigail Adams Reveals Anger Toward Great Britain   article
13 1775 General Richard Montgomery Takes Montreal   article
15 1777 Articles of Confederation Are Approved   article
16 1776 Americans Lose the Battle of Fort Washington   article
17 1775 Henry Knox Begins the Knox Expedition   article
19 1794 John Jay's Treaty is Signed   article
20 1728 Ben Franklin Publishes Articles of Belief and Acts of Religion   article
21 1775 Continental Congress Writes to Oswald Eve   article
22 1783 Maryland Patriot Leader John Hanson Dies   article
23 1730 General William Moultrie Is Born   article
24 1778 North Carolina Wins the Battle of Midway Church   article
25 1783 The Last British Soldiers Evacuate the United States   article
26 1727 General Artemas Ward is Born   article
27 1773 Tea Ship Dartmouth Arrives in Boston Harbor   article
29 1775 USS Lee Captures British Brigantine Nancy   article
30 1782 Preliminary Treaty of Paris is Signed   article


Date Year Activity
3 1780 General Nathanael Greene Takes Over the Southern Department   article
5 1777 Battle of White Marsh Begins   article
7 1776 Marquis de Lafayette Arranges To Fight With The Americans   article
9 1775 American Victory at the Battle of Great Bridge   article
10 1778 John Jay is Elected President of the Continental Congress   article
12 1776 Continental Congress Leaves Philadelphia Fearing British Invasion   article
14 1799 George Washington Dies at Mount Vernon   article
15 1791 United States Ratifies the Bill of Rights   article
16 1773 Boston Tea Party Takes Place   article
17 1777 French Government Formally Recognizes the United States   article
18 1787 New Jersey is the Third State to Ratify the US Constitution   article
19 1777 Continental Army Begins Encampment at Valley Forge.   article

The March to Valley Forge  |   Larger

Artist: William B. T. Trego
Year: 1883 painting
Location: Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, PA.

VIDEO:   Valley Forge
Valley Forge: The Revolutionary War in Four Minutes with David Lawrence
20 1776 New Jersey Militiamen Skirmish with British Patrol at Howell's Ferry   article
21 1776 The Skirmish at Petticoat Bridge Draws Away Support From Trenton   article
22 1775 Esek Hopkins Appointed Commander-in-Chief of Continental Navy   article
23 1776 Thomas Paine's The American Crisis is Read to the Continental Army   article
24 1776 The Brigantine General Arnold Leaves Boston On Its Fateful Mission   article
25 1776 George Washington Crosses the Delaware River   article

Washington Crossing the Delaware  |   Larger

Artist: Emanuel Lautze
Year: 1851, Oil on canvas.
Location: Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

VIDEO:   Washington's Crossing
Washington's Crossing of the Delaware River: The Revolutionary War in Four Minutes with Historian Kristopher White
26 1776 The Americans Win the Battle of Trenton   article

VIDEO:   The Battle of Trenton
The Battle of Second Trenton: The Revolutionary War in Four Minutes with Historian Gary Aldelman
27 1782 The Battle of Cedar Bridge is Fought   article
28 1732 Ben Franklin Publishes the First Poor Richard's Almanack   article
29 1778 Savannah, Georgia Is Captured By The British Army   article

Articles from President General Jack Manning are with his permission.
Additional contributions by compatriots George Thurmond & Herman Tovey
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