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Date: January 12, 2021
Mount Vernon Chapter January Zoom Meeting
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Nineteen (19) Mount Vernon members attended the zoom meeting, including seven (7) of the current Officers serving in 2020. (See Check in List above) We also welcomed one (1) future member
Ed Upchurch, who's paperwork is in the final stages at National.

2021 Officer Nominations and Election by Members
The January Mount Vernon Chapter meeting held an election of Officers for the next year. Nominations were recommended by the Nominating Committee (Shep Hammack, Bill Floyd, Jim McDonald) with members agreeing to serve for the period of February 2021 to February 2022. Attending members (on zoom) followed Roberts Rules of Order. There were no additional nominations from the floor, so a motion was given to unanimously vote on the slate of Officers. See Meeting Minutes for greater details.

The following Officers will serve as the Mount Vernon Chapter Board of Managers.
  • President - Tom Pye
  • Vice President - Richard McCrary
  • Recording Secretary - David Wellons
  • Corresponding Secretary - Chuck Rann
  • Treasurer - Ted Fricke
  • Registrar/Genealogist - Tom Chrisman
  • Chaplain - John Galt
  • Historian - Shep Hammack
  • Chancellor - Jim McDonald
  • Sergeant-at-Arms - Chuck Olson
January Meeting Speaker   |  2021 Guest Speaker Page
Charter Chapter President Shep Hammack gave a presentation on Hyam Salomon who was
'The Financier of the American Revolution', raising what would amount to 80 million dollars in today's currency. His efforts helped General Washington keep our Patriots fighting the British. Ironically, Salomon died at the age of 45 in 1785, and left his family deeply in debt.

Our Chapter Historical Calendar has an entry about Hyam Salomon. See April 7th, 1740 - the day he was born.   Click Here

Statue of founders Robert Morris, George Washington and Hyam Salomon in Chicago, Illinois. [Heald Square East Upper Wacker Drive] This statue has now been removed permanently due to foppery.  2nd Image
Chapter Business  - See Meeting Minutes for greater details.
  • Registrar's Report - Tom Chrisman
  • Treasurer's Report - Ted Fricke.  (Chuck Rann gave the report from Ted Fricke at the 1/8 BOM meeting.)
  • Shep Hammack's 11th Patriot Supplemental   (To be presented at the Feb. 9th meeting.)
  • Bill Floyd - 2 Patriot Supplimentals   (To be presented at the Feb. 9th meeting.)

  • The next Mount Vernon Meeting is on Tuesday Feb 9th. It will be a Zoom only meeting. 2021 Officers will be inducted by 2021 GA SAR President David Jessel.
  • Saturday January 30th is the Annual GA SAR Conference (Zoom only) - Attended by Shep Hammack, Bill Floyd, Chuck Rann, and Tom Pye.
  • Friday February 13th at 1:30 pm is the The Battle of Kettle Creek Commemoration (Zoom only)

Date: February 9, 2021
Mount Vernon Chapter February Zoom Installation Meeting
Event Link | FebruaryProgram | Meeting Minutes
  • The meeting of the Mount Vernon Chapter Georgia Society Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) was called to order by Chapter President Chuck Rann at 7:00 p.m.
  • The Invocation was given by the Chapter Chaplain, John Galt.
  • The Pledge of Allegiance to the US Flag and the Pledge to the SAR were led by Sergeant at Arms, Chuck Olson.

This was a great turnout for our yearly Installation Ceremony.
We had 27 members attending with 12 guest, which totals 39 attendees. Confirmation of counts is awaiting Sergeant-at-Arms Chuck Olson, who conducted the role call.

Our Guest included:
  • Georgia Society SAR President David Jessel
  • State Regional VP - Atlanta Ron Redner
  • Past President General - SAR Larry Guzy
  • Past Piedmont President George Thurmond
  • Present President Piedmont Chapter Al Finley
  • Greg Smith, President of the Atlanta Chapter, SAR
  • 6 Wives of members

Our Guest of Honor
Georgia Society President David Jessel - who gave a passionate talk about serving in the US Navy during the 70's. His experience on board the air craft carrier John F. Kennedy (CV-67) was moving as he depicted a terrible accident involving his original ship, the guided missile cruiser USS Belknap (CG-26) that hit the carrier and spilled aviation fuel onto both ships. Visibility resulting from fire went to zero. The accident occurred in the Mediterranean Sea on the night of November 22, 1975, during flight operations. The collision greatly damaged the Belknap and caused the 7 sailor deaths plus one sailor on the Kennedy. Nothing short of a miracle and the hard work of firefighting ship mates saved lives and possibly both ships.

President Jessel had a 21-year naval career and retired with the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Georgia Society SAR President David Jessel
2021 Guest Speaker Page

2021 Chapter Awards Presentation
Certificates of Appreciation:
Mount Vernon awarded 3 Chapter recipients with a Certificate of Appreciation this year.
  • Chapter Sectretary David Wellons - for recording and summarizing Chapter meetings throughout the year on a timely and accurate basis.
  • Past President Shep Hammack for guiding President Rann through 2020 on protocols and pathways for chapter success during COVID.
  • Treasurer Ted Fricke - especially for his compilations regarding Chapter dues reported to SAR State.

David Wellons Shep Hammack Ted Fricke
Congratulations Gentlemen!
Bronze Roger Sherman Award
Our Registrar/Genealogist Tom Chrisman received this award this year for his efforts in compiling documentation from applicants and following the submission process to the State and National SAR. Tom guided 7 new members into the Mount Vernon Chapter in 2020 and has at least as many in the pipeline for 2021.
Congratulations Tom!

Tom Chrisman

Chapter Distinguished Service Medal
This Medal recognizes members for their outstanding service to the chapter. It recognizes someone in a leadership position that provides important contributions to his Chapter. Attorney Tom Pye provided guidance and wisdom this past year through the COVID-19 outbreak. He assumes his role as President during the pandemic and joins his fellow Georgia SAR Presidents with the hope that in-person meetings return.
Congratulations Tom! Hoozah!

2021 President Tom Pye

Patriot Supplemental Awards
Additional Patriot Supplemental Applications continue to be approved by SAR National.
Two Chapter members had approvals.

  • Past President Shep Hammack's 11th 'Supplimental' approved. Patriot John Hyman - ACN # 93214
  • Past President Bill Floyd had two 'Supplimentals' approved. 1) Patriot Pleasant Sullivan - ACN # 93398; and 2) Patriot John Abbott - ACN # 93399
Lydia Darrah Award
Patsy Rann's support of the Mount Vernon Chapter & President made a diference thru 2020. At the outset, she made purchases for door prizes and took photographs at meetings. (See March Photos 2, May Photos, Nov. Service Medal Photos). Her technical knowledge helped plan video zoom meetings and her award was well deserved.
Congratulations Patsy!

2021 Lydia Darrah Award Winner Patsy Rann

Chapter Business
  • Treasurer's Report: (Ted Fricke was not present at the meeting)
  • Registrar's Report - Tom Chrisman. We have 5 new approved members from SAR National. Their official induction ceremony will be held at a future date once the COVID-19 issue permits.
    • Edward Newton Upchurch - Patriot William Walker
    • Anthony Jerome Olson - Patriot William Hansard
    • Erik Callison Olson - Patriot William Hansard
    • Scott Kearns Olson - Patriot William Hansard
    • William Jerome Olson - Patriot William Hansard

    • We also have one confirmed new transfer member William (Bill) Murray. We have two other transfer-in members in progress to be confirmed shortly.
    • We have additional new members in process at National which should be approved soon.
  • Member Birthdays from January and February were announced. Happy Birthday!
  • Upcoming events:
    • The Battle of Kettle Creek Commemoration has Zoom presentations Friday at 1:30 pm & Saturday at 10 am.
    • The next Chapter Meeting is scheduled for March 9th. President Pye and VP McCrary will determine how that meeting occurs - in person with limits accompanied by ZOOM or strictly by ZOOM.

Installment of 2021 Mount Vernon Officers
Our Chapter was honored to have Georgia SAR Society President David Jessel at our Zoom meeting to swear in our 2021 Officers. President Jessel read the oath for the Officers first, then for the incoming President of the Mount Vernon Chapter - Tom Pye. Leslie Pye placed the Presidents Ribbon on her husband - President Tom Pye.

The following Officers will serve in 2021 as the Mount Vernon Chapter Board of Managers.
  • President - Tom Pye
  • Vice President - Richard McCrary
  • Recording Secretary - David Wellons
  • Corresponding Secretary - Chuck Rann
  • Treasurer - Ted Fricke (Not Present at Meeting)
  • Registrar/Genealogist - Tom Chrisman
  • Chaplain - John Galt
  • Historian - Shep Hammack
  • Chancellor - Jim McDonald (Not Present at Meeting)
  • Sergeant-at-Arms - Chuck Olson
Congratulations Gentlemen!
GA President Jessel then made concluding remarks of appreciation to outgoing President Chuck Rann.

Incoming President's Remarks
Incoming President Tom Pye gave brief remarks upon assuming office. He described his history with the SAR, mentioned that his ancestor was with General Oglethorpe during the founding of Georgia, and his grandfather and father were both past officials of the SAR, and now he has assumed that honor by becoming the new President for the Mount Vernon Chapter. He expressed gratitude to outgoing President Chuck Rann for meeting the extraordinary challenges of 2020, plus his additional activities as Recording Secretary and Webmaster. President Pye virtually presented Chuck with the Past President medal and neck ribbon.

  • The Recessional was led by Chapter Sergeant at Arms Chuck Olson.
  • The Benediction was given by Chaplin John Galt.
  • The Monthly Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m. by President Tom Pye and the Zoom video was ended.
  • Minutes Respectfully Submitted by David Wellons, Recording Secretary on February 10, 2021
    (See Minutes Link at top of this entry)