September 8th Mt. Vernon Meeting/Induction

Photos by Tom Hughes

Induction meeting on Tuesday Night at Vintage Pizzeria.
We welcomed new members Tony Crowe & Tom Scales into the Mount Vernon Chapter.

Tony and Deborah Crowe

Tom Scales

Tom Chrisman and GA President Bill Dobbs officiated.

VP Tom Pye and Shep Hammack (L)

Congratulations Tony and Tom!

Law Enforcement Awards to Two Dunwoody Policemen

Tom Chrisman reads the story of Officers Nathan Daley and Kasey Martin

Officers Nathan Daley and Kasey Martin

Shep Hammack receives two more Supplemental Ancestor Certificates.

Handshake? No Elbow bump!

Thanks Bill Dobbs for coming to two Mount Vernon events in two days!

Ted Fricke was given a Certificate of Appreciation for donating
a real period powder horn to the Mount Vernon Chapter's Traveling Trunk.

Thanks Ted!

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