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My Patriot Ancestor
Fellow Compatriots of the Mount Vernon Chapter

Tell Us About Your Patriot Ancestor!
Members are encouraged to submit a write-up about their Patriot Ancestor and submit the information for publication on the Chapter website. If you are interested in making a 3 to 5 minute presentation at a monthly meeting, contact the Chapter President and schedule it. It doesn't have to be exclusively about a member's qualifying ancestor for SAR membership, but can also be a Supplemental Ancestor(s) as well.

The National Society encourages your participation in the National database of Patriots. Here are a few links -

Submit Your Patriot Information: Patriot Research System
Look Up Your Patriot Information: Patriot Research System: Search

We urge members to participate and so does the National Society. Start your Biography of your Patriot today!
Note: The first person to submit Patriot information controls the data.
The Patriots of the Mount Vernon Chapter

SAR Database # Patriot Name Compatriot Link
  P-333498 William Henry Bruce Chuck Rann Link

This idea was originally started at the Piedmont Chapter by then President Bill Kabel. When in contact with National, this was the response...

"Excellent, with complete submitter detail, easy to work with. This is a very good idea for Chapter meetings." - Dennis Boyer, SAR IT Leadership