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Membership in the Sons of the American Revolution
Step One: Eligibility for Applications
"Any male shall be eligible for membership in the SAR who is a citizen of good repute in the community; and a lineal descendant of an ancestor who was at all times unfailing in loyalty to and rendered acceptable service in the cause of American Independence. The SAR accepts service rendered, with some exceptions, for the period between April 19, 1775 and November 26,1783. Membership in the SAR requires documented, acceptable evidence that your ancestor participated in one or more of the following types of service. The patriot ancestor in question must have..."

Descent from the Patriot Ancestor may be through either the mother's or father's side of the family. Direct-line descent is not necessary: the line may zigzag through the various generations, where the surname changes. The goal is to document the linkage between each generation. Many men have more than one Revolutionary ancestor. Once you are a member, you are encouraged to submit "supplemental" applications for those additional ancestors: by doing so, you are potentially opening up membership to relatives of yours through that particular line.

Step Two: Your Local Contact
Our award winning Chapter Registrar/Genealogist can assist you with your genealogy research and application process. However, it is your responsibility to do the research and obtain the documents needed for verification. If you need assistance, the contact information is:   Registrar/Genealogist - Tom Chrisman   (404) 310-3338 | eMail

Step Three: Collect Your Data
This is the process of gathering birth and death certificates, marriage documents, cemetery records, census records, etc. With more & more available data on the internet, it is becoming easier to track down sources to investigate. It may become necessary to travel to a specific location and do research, so be prepared for a road trip.
Documenting Easy Cases | Documenting Easy Cases

Step Four: SAR Membership Application
When you start to document your genealogy back towards your Patriot, this is the document you will use when you submit your work to our Chapter Registrar.
Membership Worksheet/Application

How do I submit my paperwork?
The first step in the application process is to complete an application worksheet. The front of this depicts your descent from the Patriot Ancestor, with a line for birth, death and marriage for each person in the bloodline. Where possible, include city/town, county/state for each event. Go down the worksheet and make a check mark next to each event for which you have documentary proof (vital record, church record, census, will, etc.): the unchecked events will highlight where additional work may be needed. It is only necessary to document the individual in the direct bloodline in each generation, but if you can provide documentation for the spouse, please do so. The reverse of the application includes lines for each generation, on which you list the various pieces of documentation that you are using for that generation.

When you are ready to prepare your application, our Registrar will provide the final application form to you for submission and review the documentation with you. He will prepare your application in duplicate for filing with the State society and National headquarters, using the required archival paper and approved application software.

How Much Does It Cost?
These are typical cost. Check with our Chapter Registrar for your exact amount.

Annual Dues:   (Adults 18 years or older) Yearly
National $35 (See below) N/A $5
State $18 $18 N/A $5
Chapter $25 $25 $25 $0 (See below)
Total:   $78 $43 $25 $10
New Member Application Fee $90   Fee
New Member First Year Total: $168   (See below)

  • Dual Members (primary membership w/another Chapter) only pay $25 for Chapter Membership, no additional National or State fees.
  • Junior applicants must be under 18 years old. No Chapter fees required, only State & National. Plus application fee for new members. Ask registrar for the exact cost.
  • Family Applications are available at reduced application cost when all applicants are within two (2) generations. (Son, Grandson, Father, Grandfather, Brother, Nephew) Please ask when you make application.

Read more: National SAR Website - Membership | Membership Worksheet/Application

Join Us
Each step and each connection towards your Patriot is like solving a mystery. We compatriots of the SAR have a common bond of pride, knowing that our forefathers fought for our Freedom, our country, and for our life today. Join us by starting your path to membership. We look forward to hearing from you!