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Education, Presentations, Contest and Scholarship Programs

The SAR Promotes Revolutionary War History And Patriotism

The Sons of the American Revolution was started by a group of men who, after the 1876 Centennial, thought it would be appropriate to document and record the stories of their Revolutionary War ancestors and the events in which they were involved. These efforts lead to the establishment of an organization with goals to foster Patriotism, perpetuate our American Heritage, and retain and expand historical records of the American Revolution.

In keeping with these objectives, the Sons of the American Revolution sponsor projects to bring about an awareness of the American Revolutionary spirit and a sense of patriotism to students in our educational system. The scholarship programs & contest shown below are intended to add interest in the American Revolution for specific grade levels. The SAR is dedicated to assisting our members, schools, teachers and the general public in their efforts to sustain and preserve our history and constitutional principles.

SAR National Society & State Society Links

These links will take you to the National and State websites, explaining their participation in the SAR Youth Programs. Contest are held at the local Chapter, State and National levels, all rewarding the finalist at each level with their own prize amounts. The Mount Vernon Chapter is seeking funding to enable the participation in these youth education programs. Contact Shep Hammack with your ideas and contributions.

National Resources: Educational Videos; DVD's & CD's; Lesson Plans; Printed Materials
National Resources: Youth Programs/Contest/Scholarship Outlines
National Resources: Youth Programs Brochure

Eagle Scout Application.doc   (Download)
Scout Four-Generation Ancestor Chart and Instructions

State Resources: Georgia Youth Programs
State Resources: Georgia Speakers Bureau

The Mount Vernon Chapter's "The Traveling Trunk" Program

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Our Traveling Trunk Brochure (PDF)

Lake Forest Elementary School
Holy Innocents Episcopal School
Cherokee Christian School
One of the most enjoyable methods of communicating our American history with school children is via the "Traveling Trunk".

This is a program where members of the SAR, dressed in authentic uniforms, present articles from the Revolutionary War & Colonial period to a group of grade school (4th) or middle school (7th) students. Presenters explain what the items are, how they were made and used, and why they are different from today's items. This program is an excellent way for fulfilling one of our SAR society missions - Assisting schools and teachers to sustain and preserve our history.

To arrange a presentation at your school, please contact:

Shep Hammack at 770 396-5453 | Email

The Revolutionary War Explained - Part 1
The Revolutionary War Explained - Part 2

The Mount Vernon Chapter's Scout Program

The Mount Vernon Chapter recognizes the achievements of our local Scouts with an Eagle Scout Certificate of Achievement offers scholarship money thru the SAR's - Arthur M. & Berdena King Eagle Scout Award program at the Georgia State and then National level.

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The Mount Vernon Chapter's JROTC Program

The Mount Vernon Chapter has two awards programs for high school students who are enrolled in his or her schools Junior Reserve Officer Training Program. These awards foster the principle of the "citizen-soldier", exemplified by the Minutemen of Revolutionary War days.

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The Joseph S. Rumbaugh Historical Oratory Contest

The contest is designed to explore the influence of the Revolutionary War on present day America. Contest is open to all students attending home schools, public, parochial, or private high schools who are in their freshman, sophomore, junior or senior (grades 9 through 12) year of study.

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Mount Vernon Logo Education Chairmen/Contact Information

Traveling Trunk:  
Shep Hammack   770 396-5453 | Email

Chuck Olson   770 394-5897 | Email

Chuck Olson   770 394-5897 | Email

Rumbaugh Oratory Contest:  
Tom Chrisman   770 394-5897 | Email