The Mount Vernon Chapter
  A Georgia Society - Sons of the American Revolution

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Chapter Reporting To GA Society SAR
Quick Reference     From ( GA SAR Sourcebook )

Report Name Source Book Report Report Recipient
Chapter Transfer Section 10.01F With each transfer State Secretary
Former Chapter Secretary
Obituary Report Section 10.04F With each death State Secretary
State Chaplin
State Editor
Change of Address Section 10.05F With each change State Secretary
Chapter Report to BOM -
Annual Report
Section 10.06F 1-4 weeks prior to Quarterly Board of Managers Meetings State President
State Secretary
New Chapter Officers Notification Section 10.07 After Installation Meeting or per/replacement of Officer. State Secretary
Chapter's Regional VP Report Section 10.15 After Each Meeting Your State Regional VP
Annual Dues Report Section 10.16 During Renewal Period
October thru December
State Secretary
Americanism Contest
Scoring Sheet
Section February 1st Americanism Committee

From GASSAR Source Book. This document based on "10.00 Chapter Reporting Quick Reference" dated 06/04/2017.