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The SAR Foundation

Note:   "Ed Rigel is a past Georgia State SAR President as well as a past Georgia Color Guard commander. His Rigel Family Challenge is a generous way to make a huge impact on this National project. I would like to personally encourage fellow Mount Vernon Chapter members to support this program." - Shep Hammack

The following letter was sent out to the membership of the SAR in the fall of 2018 to encourage participation in a National SAR project. Please take the time to read it.

"October 29, 2018

Dear Compatriot,

Last month at the Fall Leadership Conference in Louisville, the National Trustees voted to move forward with the next step in the planning process for the SAR Education Center and Museum. Once completed, this facility will honor our patriot ancestors, educate the public, and preserve and promote the legacy of the American Revolution for generations to come. This critical vote was a success because of the continued support of donors like you. Thank you!

In addition to the National Trustees voting to proceed with the next step in designing the SAR Educational Center and Museum, Compatriot Dr. Edward Rigel, Sr. announced that the Rigel Family would match every new donation made in support of this project, dollar for dollar, up to $50,000. You read that correctly: your donation today will go further in supporting the SAR Educational Center and Museum. Now is the perfect time to give.

The SAR Educational Center and Museum will include cutting edge technology, groundbreaking perspectives on American history, and highlights from the SAR's museum collections. The interactive galleries and exhibits designed by award winning Solid Light, Inc. will take visitors beyond the more usual museum experience, and immerse them in the Revolutionary period. In addition to the completion of the designs for some fundamental elements, the next step includes the creation of digital resources. The digital resources will make the SAR Education Center and Museum accessible to students of all ages around the country. Your gift today is essential to insure that this visitor experience will be shared with traditional visitors and in classrooms around the nation for years to come.

Not one cent of dues money has gone to pay for expenses related to this project, which means your support is essential to ensuring that the SAR Educational Center and Museum is completed. Please join me, the Rigel Family and the National Trustees in moving forward by making your gift in the SAR Educational Center and Museum.


Jpseph W. Dooley
SAR Foundation, President"

Here is a VIDEO explaining what is in store for the SAR Educational Center and Museum:   SAR_Fall Presentation 2018

(Image above is a link to the SAR Foundation page ~ )

After You Give Thanks
Plan to Give Back

$100 ~ $250 ~ $500 ~ $1,000 ~ Other

Checks to:
The SAR Foundation Inc.
809 W. Main Street
Louisville, KY 40202-9785

Make checks payable to SAR Foundation
Call the Foundation Office at (502) 315-1777
Your gift is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Thank You for Supporting the SAR

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