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  A Georgia Society - Sons of the American Revolution

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The Mount Vernon Fellows Fund
The Mount Vernon Fellows Fund was established for the purpose of funding, supplementing, or reimbursing Mount Vernon Chapter/SAR activities, events, programs and unforeseen chapter needs that are not included in the chapter's annual budget.

The Mount Vernon Fellows Fund - Members
Any member of the SAR, a spouse, a relative, or friend of the SAR will be recognized and will be considered a Fellows Fund Member with a minimum contribution of $100. SAR Fellows Fund contributors are asked to be a yearly "Sustaining Member" by continuing to add to the Fellows Fund at the time of SAR membership renewal (winter quarter). They are in effect committing to a minimum of $25 a year, in addition to their yearly Mount Vernon membership dues to support this Fund for non-budgeted items. They may decide to "opt out" of "Sustaining status" by not submitting the minimum annual $25 contribution at the time of dues renewal.

Contributions & Tax Implications
Donations made to the Mount Vernon Chapter are "tax exempt" under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions to the Mount Vernon Fellow Fund shall be deposited in the chapter checking account under a restricted line item identified as: "The Mount Vernon Fellow Fund", which shall be maintained by the Mount Vernon Chapter Treasurer.

Charter Members
  • Tom Chrisman [2019]
  • Jack Dyer [2019]
  • John E. Elwood [2018]
  • Rev. William N. Floyd Jr. [2018]
  • William T. Fricke Jr. [2018]
  • John S. Galt [2018]
  • Eugenius S. Hammack [2018]
  • Montez Hammack [2018]
  • James T. McDonald [2018]
  • W. Warren McPhillips [2018]
  • Charles G. Olson [2018]
  • Charles R. Rann [2018]
  • David Reed [2018]
  • David L. Wellons [2018]
  • Larry C. White [2018]
  • David L. Wiley [2018]